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WordPress Chat Admin

Conversation Area

Take a look at all the user conversation features.

Admin conversations

Manage Conversations

Easily manage your conversations in one place with our user-friendly interface. Search for conversations and users in real time, and have your agents reach out to online visitors before they start a chat.

  • Archive - delete conversations
  • Download conversations
  • Search for conversations
  • Proactive chats

Saved Replies

Save precious time and avoid the headache of having to repeat the same tasks. With saved replies, you won't have to type the same messages over and over. You can also save Rich Messages and custom content.

  • Insert by keyboard shortcut
  • Save and reuse messages
  • Save custom content
  • Save Rich Messages
Admin saved replies

Text Editor

Message Editor

Create the perfect message by using 3000+ emojis and by formatting the text with Slack-inspired markup syntax. Surprise your users with custom HTML messages, and attach media and files in just one click.

  • Text formatting and markups
  • 3000+ emojis
  • Multiple attachments
  • Custom HTML


Organize conversations and assign departments to agents. Transfer rules so that your conversations will always land in the right hands. Route conversations and send department – specific email notifications.

  • Department email notifications
  • Update conversations department
  • Restrict access to conversations

Text Editor

Real-time Queue

Notifies visitors of their position in the queue and waiting time in real-time. Automatically distribute the conversations among all available agents and set concurrent chats limit.

  • Waiting time and queue position
  • Set max concurrent chats limit
  • Updates in real-time

Multi-users Direct Message

Send direct chat messages, emails, and text messages to your users in real-time. Personalize every message you send with custom merge fields and send notifications automatically.

  • Support for emails, sms and text messages
  • Send messages to several users
Direct message


Automations and Triggers

Run multilingual automatic tasks when conditions set by you are met. You can show a pop-up, send a message, change the chat design, and more. Set conditions like user country, page URL and more.

  • Automatic pop-ups, messages, emails, sms, and design changes
  • Lots of conditions. View all of them in the demo

User Management

Easily manage user and agent information on the fly

Users management

Manage Users and Agents

Keep your most important customer data in one place. Create new users on the fly, edit existing ones, limit agent privileges and view or edit user details directly from your conversations.

  • Create new users and agents
  • Edit or delete users and agents
  • Delete bulk users
  • Manage privileges

Find, Sort and Filter

Search for users by name, email or any other custom field, and then sort and filter them instantaneously from the user table. View and engage online users by sending the first message.

  • View online users
  • Sort users by name, email and more
  • Search for users
  • Filter users
Users table

User details

Get to Know Your Customers

Improve customer support with more data and automatically gleans useful information about the user. From country to local time, context is key – and our goal is to keep your customers happy in the long term.

  • User OS and browser
  • User location with map
  • User IP, local currency and more
  • User local time and current page

Reports Section

Get an overview of how chat and your agents are performing

  • Chat reports
  • Chat reports
  • Chat reports

  • Daily conversations
  • Missed conversations
  • Average conversations time
  • Registrations count
  • Subscribe and follow-up reports
  • Daily visitors
  • Daily leads
  • Daily users
  • Articles searches and views
  • Browsers and operating systems
  • Agents ratings
  • Agents response time
  • Average agent conversations time
  • Countries and languages
  • More available and more are coming!

    Agent Ratings

    Measure agent results by collecting agent reviews and comments from users.

    Email piping

    Reply to messages directly from your email inbox. Users can reply as well.

    User Exports

    In just one click, export selected users and all their details in a CSV file.

    Attachments, Media and Lightbox

    Send multiple attachments and media. Open and view images in a lightbox.


    Our panel is fully responsive on all smartphones and tablets.

    Progressive Web App

    Install it on a desktop, Mac or mobile device – and use it like an app.

    Automatic Updates

    One click update, and automatic updates for the plugin and apps.

    Multilingual Platform

    The panel is ready to be translated in 19 languages. You can even add your own.

    Keyboard Shortcuts

    Increase productivity and save time with the keyboard shortcuts.


    Need a little help? Take advantage of the extensive docs.


    Automatically distribute the conversations among all agents.

    Internal Notes

    Add internal notes to conversations and chat with other agents internally.